Soluzioni Gelaterie Solidali (SGS): stop social exclusion with gelato!

sgs2An international project that combines gelato and entrepreneurship. Sponsored by the Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani Foundation, which provides logistical support, “Soluzioni Gelaterie Solidali” (= Gelato shops as solutions for solidarity) is an initiative in collaboration with Carpigiani Gelato University, the reference for the gelato education, and Carpigiani, world leading manufacturer of gelato machines that contributes throughout the supply of machines and the mediation with companies in the gelato industry.

The mission is to fight the social exclusion – the physical and the psychic one, the one due to poverty, addictions, unemployment and illiteracy … – . We stimulate the creation of activities of solidarity based on the production of artisan gelato throughout the world. Our partners are associations (NGOs, non-profit organizations), local institutions, international institutions (EU, UN), companies that sponsor the project, lenders (credit system, ethical finance) and donors (who support the project through crowdfunding).

Here’s our goals: to bring people together, to find the site for the gelato shops, to provide the equipment, to train the teams, to support the start-up and the investment and to ensure a proper follow-up and update. The process is very simple: the associations identify the target and initiate the project, they motivate, train and support teams at work (Coaching). The institutional sponsors promote the initiative in a legal way. Donors contribute to finance the creation of gelato shops by providing locations, equipment and furniture. The Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani Foundation develops and maintains the network, takes care of the communication of the project, provides the specialized training of the people, helps to find the gelato equipment. The companies sponsor through cash, discounts on equipment, furniture, food products and semi-finished products, services. The credit system provides the credit for the current management and it integrates, if necessary, funding for investments

Among the completed projects:

  1. India: Agra (Stop Acid Attacks)
  2. Mozambique: Ponta Do Ouro
  3. USA: Miami, Fl (Kid Net Foundation)
  4. Lebanon and Iraq (Caritas)
  5. Senegal: Oussouye (Ass. Kalambeno)
  6. Italy:
    • Bologna Antoniano
    • Bologna Opimm
    • By facilitating Bologna
    • Bologna Rotary 2050
    • Genoa Social Franchising

Would you like to support us? Write at info@fondazionecarpigiani.it  or call +39 051 6505111.