#BrandYourEUTh: a young mobility project in Europe to promote entrepreneurship

europe-flag#BrandYourEUth is promoted by the Foundation Bruto e Poerio Carpigiani. It was born from the desire to follow several initiatives, during 2015, where young people and youth workers were protagonists: the “Giù di Festival 3.0”, a project funded by Erasmus Programme “Glocal Youth Participation and Development” and a participatory planning meeting on December 2015 with young people from partner organizations of Croatia, Greece, Portugal and Romania. Those activities revealed some difficulties for youngster to orient themselves in the job market in general and in entrepreneurship world in particular, since they declared do not have access to effective training tools that focus on entrepreneurship and innovative enhancement of young people. At the same time, the participants expressed a strong personal motivation to improve the active participation of young people in its territory and the will to get involved by enhancing the skills to start their own business.

Actually, we believe that young people have a potential in terms of talent and creativity and that they can make an important contribution to local economic development, both from a local and an european perspective. Therefore, we believe it’s necessary to invest in upgrading their skills, encourage their creativity and entrepreneurship spirit and stimulate the building of synergic networks among young Europeans.The project aims to enhance the attitude of young people in frent of the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment and to stimolate their entrepreneur spirit , based on their own territories.

The activities we are going to carry out will focus on non-formal learning approaches: from one side, the opportunity to interact with valid local experiences and learning from their best practice; from the other, using the TDO and GOPP techinques, to share, reflect and analyze common problems with the aim to find positive contributions and shared solutions.

In this way, we aim to stimulate, in the short term, the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in the local context, reducing fears and insecurities with the acquisition of knowledges, skills and dispositions, and lay the foundations for the construction, in the medium-long term, of strong partnerships on the theme between european organizations dealing with the youth. According to our vision, this partnership should be able to positively affect the spread in Europe of a entrepreneurship culture based on young creativity and place branding, but also the policy-making process in educational and training area and young entrepreneurship policies.

To know more about the project read the info pack: Info pack #BrandYourEUTh