24 March 2013: all together for the first European Artisan Gelato Day

19 January 2013 – At Sigep in Rimini today Artglace (Federation of European gelato artisan associations) officially presented the program for the first annual European Artisan Gelato Day which will be held on 24 March. Attending the presentation were many of the principal Italian trade associations (from Fipe-Confcommercio to CNA and Confartigianato) which represent gelato artisans, associations of machine manufacturers, equipment, and ingredients as well as the industry press. Officially established last July 5 by the parliament in Strasbourg – supported by 387 delegates – the celebration is an opportunity to promote one of the most-loved products in Europe and the rest of the world: artisan gelato. “Allow me to thank all those who contributed to making it possible to announce this prestigious accomplishment today,” said Ferdinando Buonocore, President of Artglace. “And in particular, on behalf of all the European gelato artisans, the 250 artisans and associates who, motivated by a great passion for this business, supported the cause and wrote an important page in the history of artisan gelato.”
Artglace’s challenge is to organize a series of events throughout the world, in Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Spain, Argentina, Canada, and Great Britain. The objective is to clearly communicate to consumers the value of artisan gelato, a food that can act as a complete meal, suggested by authoritative dieticians and nutritionists. Among dairy products, artisan gelato is a high-quality, safe food that adds value to the specialty produce and cuisine of each single state.
In addition, in the European community the gelato business employs about 300,000 people – mostly youth – in approximately 50,000 gelato shops, for a total turnover of around four billion euros.
• The logo associated with the celebration on 24 March (see attached) will be sent in localized versions to all the participating countries in Europe and abroad.
• Participating gelato shops will offer a special flavor, all using the same recipe: milk flavor with almond pralines, variegated with dark chocolate. The flavor’s name is “European Fantasy.” The price of a cup of this flavor will be the same throughout Europe: one euro.
• A special postmark will be created.
• Gelato artisans will also have access to texts and copy for use in communicating with customers, with particular emphasis on the contents of the European parliament’s declaration that established the annual celebration.
“At this time a number of activities are being prepared internationally for the 24 March celebration,” explained Paolo Garna, director of the Center for artisan gelato documentation, information, and training. “It is of fundamental importance that gelato artisans take their place on the front lines and that the logo be used exclusively for gelato of one’s own production. People can participate in the European gelato celebration in any way they see fit, and anybody can purchase the 30 euro promotional kit containing decals, signs, cups, and spoons at the Artglace information desk at Sigep, or by contacting the organization directly.” “Oftentimes husband and wife work side by side in gelato shops, and in many cases the children carry on the parents’ business, maybe with a university degree,” observed Luciana Polliotti, journalist and gelato historian. “The Italian companies that work with artisan gelato have not moved offshore. They’re still here. The supply chain has remained united and will be celebrated each 24 March. It’s not just artisan gelato that we are exporting – it is a winning cultural model that endures even gigantic economic shocks like the one we are currently going through. It is not by chance that many of the participants of the European Gelato Day come from numerous non-European countries.”
Artglace has an information desk located in the South Hall of Sigep (International Artisan Gelato, Pastry, and Bread Trade Show, 19-23 January 2013, Rimini Fair). The desk will provide initiative details, gather registrations, and distribute materials.
For more information and to participate: contact Valentina Righi at +39 342 618 33 72 and info@fondazionebrutoepoeriocarpigiani.it, visit the website at www.artglace.com, on Facebook EuropeanGelatoDay and Twitter GelatoDayEurope. The European Artisan Gelato Day will be celebrated on the world’s social networks, the fans and comments from the five continents are already numerous.