European artisan gelato conquers the parliament at strabourg

Huge success for the Confederation of European Artisan Gelato Associations, Artglace, at the European parliament in Strasbourg. Catching the attention of the Eurodelegates were the taste of genuine artisan gelato and the conference “Gelato in the Mediterranean Diet” held by the nutritionist Virginia Ruggiero. Both activities had the objective of motivating the EU parliament to establish a day dedicated to celebrating European artisan gelato on an annual basis. “Gelato is a food that can justifiably be included in the Mediterranean diet since it is healthy, nutritious, low fat, and perfectly balanced,” noted Ms Ruggiero. “It can be offered to children of normal weight on a daily basis as a pleasant, healthy snack. Even overweight children can eat fruit-based sorbets a few times a week to add variety and satisfaction to a strict diet. Gelato is appropriate as a quick pickup after sports since it is mostly water and milk proteins full of calcium and magnesium. The sugar content also integrates the muscle glycogen lost during the workout. For older people, geriatric specialists are increasingly suggesting the use of gelato for the elderly without appetite or who have trouble chewing. Today, gelato is probably the healthiest fast food available. Without spending a lot of money and in a very short time, any adult can eat gelato when out of the home and then complete their nutritional requirements in the following meal to ensure a balanced diet.”Artglace’s president, Ferdinando Buonocore, was visibly satisfied as he declared, “… the exceptional result of these two days in Strasbourg allowed us to gather 124 signatures of Euro delegates, a number never before reached in such a short amount of time. This brings our objective that much closer, a new chapter for our gelato, artisan gelato, made with genuine ingredients and suggested by nutritionists as part of a Mediterranean diet good for people of all ages.” The gathering of signatures necessary to formalize the “European Day of Artisan Gelato” will take place over the 90 days following the official presentation of the declaration.