During “most”, a new design destination instigated by tom dixon, don’t miss the “designing gelato cone evolution”, to develop the gelato cone of the future.


More than 100 years ago Vittorio Marchioni, an Italian from Cadore, obtained the patented for the gelato cone in Washington D.C. The quest is open for new ideas! What will be the shape of the gelato cone of the future?
Bring out the designer inside you!
Draw your proposal and submit it to the judgment of the committee.
The most creative and the most feasible proposals will win.

The newly established Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani Foundation is launching during MOST the award “Designing Gelato Cone Evolution” which aims at connecting the world of gelato with design. The award is open to students in the fields of architecture, design and engineering, who will be asked to design the gelato cone of the future. The award starts on Tuesday 17th April and ends 15th July. Tom Dixon is awarding the prize for the most creative cone (3 Carpigiani Gelato University Courses worth 2.500€), while Babbi, a famous Italian manufacturer of delicious gelato cones, is going to offer a scholarship (value: 2.500€) to the most industrially feasible cone. For more information and for rules visit the press area at www.fondazionebrutoepoeriocarpigiani.it